Image of TURMRING 1-3



The first half of the new graphic novel, yours at a discount!

The women of Turmring are cloistered within the shimmering walls of the Paling--the magic wall that keeps the mutilating mists of the Miasma at bay. Yulienne, imprisoned within the town since the Miasma descended three years prior, exchanges favors with the soldiers who bring rations to the women of Turmring in hopes of one day gaining freedom for herself and her daughter. To what lengths will she go to extricate herself from Turmring? And what of the Sisters walled up in the towers whose chants hold up the Paling?

The first three issues of the story, for a mere $10 +S&H! All new art in all three chapters.

10.5x7ish inches, x3. 73 total pages.