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Büer's Kiss Pack


Both volumes of the Büer's Kiss print edition at a discount--plus access to the video capture of the opening night performance!!

This critically acclaimed comics-performance hybrid details the plight of Felecia, a young woman cast out from her village after contracting a leprosy-like disease. She finds her way to a colony whose pagan inhabitants embrace her with open, albeit misshapen, arms. But dark forces threaten the survival of this seemingly idyllic existence, and Felecia will be forced to take sides in the war of faith that is about to erupt.

These books contain 110 pages of all-original comics, plus photos from opening night of the show! It's a great gift for anyone you know who loves body horror, comics, the middle ages, demonology, or jokes about missing fingers.

Both books will be signed by the author and inscribed with the name of your choice.