Image of The Pestle (standard edition)

The Pestle (standard edition)


An incurable disease has been killing the children of an impoverished and frozen northern town, and the only people who can stop it are the students and faculty of The Pestle, a medical school whose students range across manifold faiths and races. When their demon-powered cure is administered and one of the children fails to awaken, one peasant vows vengeance against the school that failed to save his son.

The Compleat Pestle collects all three chapters of the story, previously published in Maple Key Comics. It's a handbound book, with hand-calligraphy on the front cover and a ribbon attached to the binding, so that even when burning the proverbial midnight oil you'll never be without a bookmark.
Each copy is sealed with wax to ensure confidentiality.

You can read the first chapter online for free.